High-Efficiency Heat Exchanger High Temperature Water Heating Heat Pump
Description:1. A brand new heating method: The electroplating high-temperature heat pump absorbs heat from the air for heating. Facts have proved that it is low-carbon, green, non-polluting, and the energy-saving effect is about 60% more efficient than the traditional electric heating method!

Product Description    

Rated Heating Capacitykw21.230.941.3
Rated Input Powerkw8.411.816.1
Rated CurrentA15.822.230.3
Maximum Input Powerkw11.215.721.5
Rated Water Outlet TemperatureºC909090
Maximum Water Outlet TemperatureºC999999
Power Supply Specifications
Environmental Temperature RangeºC0-430-430-43
Noise LeveldB(A)≤60≤60≤62
Device Weightkg350410510
Device Dimensions(L*W*H)   mm1500*750*10701500*750*10701500*800*1600

1. A brand new heating method: The electroplating high-temperature heat pump absorbs heat from the air for heating. Facts have proved that it is low-carbon, green, non-polluting, and the energy-saving effect is about 60% more efficient than the traditional electric heating method!      
2. Intelligent control or temperature zone control makes control convenient and energy-saving!      
3. The high-temperature electroplating heat pump is energy-efficient for heating and provides free cold water or air conditioning for production refrigeration or for improving the workshop working environment.      
4. The system has a high degree of automation, saving the cost of dedicated personnel on duty;      
5. The installation is flexible, suitable for new installations and energy-saving renovations of various types of factories;      
6. A variety of system solutions change as needed: According to different tank sizes and hot water demands in different industries, it provides 70-95 degree high-temperature hot water system solutions for electroplating factories, oxidation factories, and circuit board factories.      

    Working principle    
    The Air Source Electroplating High-Temperature Heat Pump uses electrical energy to drive the compressor for work, and uses refrigerant as the heat absorber to absorb heat from the air to produce hot water. The high-temperature heat pump for air energy electroplating generates physical phase changes (gas-liquid-gas) through the working substance, and continuously absorbs and releases heat through this repeated cycle phase change. Since it absorbs a large amount of heat from the air, it continuously releases heat to the hot water through the heat exchanger. This repeated cycle raises the temperature of the medicament in the plating bath. The thermal process of electric heat energy conversion is highly efficient.    
    Product configuration    
1. Based on the principle of Carnot cycle, it is driven by electricity, uses refrigerant as the heat absorption body, and absorbs heat from the air to produce hot water. It uses a big brand compressor and introduces the latest fifth-generation double helix shell and tube heat exchanger from the United States, which effectively absorbs heat in the environment. Water and electricity are separated, making the process green and energy-saving.    
2. It is applicable to processes requiring a rise in temperature, such as hot water washing, oxidation, coloring, medium and high-temperature hole sealing, acid etching tanks, alkali etching tanks, etc.    
3. The selection of working material: In order to ensure that the high-temperature heat pump equipment operates under a stable allowable working pressure, a special refrigerant is used as the working material. This provides a high heat exchange efficiency and isn't polluting to the environment. It also causes no harm to the ozone layer. (The high pressure of the KF-01 refrigerant does not exceed 2.0MPa at a condensation temperature of 90 degrees, ensuring the safety of the high-temperature heat pump system and equipment).    
4. Optimization of fluorination system control: This ensures the long-term stable operation and lifespan of the whole unit. It also adjusts the operating status of the high-temperature heat pump equipment according to the environment temperature and evaporation temperature to achieve reliable energy saving of the unit.    

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